A bomb web page in the making (intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading)

Cast of characters:

  • Karina Zavidovaimage, webpage owner (karina@zavidova.com)
  • A visitor
  • ----------------

    Hello visitor, how are you?

    Hey hey hey! I’m doing well, enjoying my corporate past future and present spiced with matcha powder and dewy filters.image What’s up with you?

    I’m doing fine, thank you! Currently busy re-building my website.image But you can always visit my old page here

    Why did you decide to rebuild your current website?

    Oh, many reasons...Mainly because during the last half a year my online presence got totally out of syncimage with my life, tasks and occupations

    So what are your tasks and occupations?

    A year ago I graduatedimage with a BA in graphic design.
    In the following year of funemployement I learned that job search is a combination of brute-force hack and a romanticimage search for a soulmate. It took me some time to figure out this formula, but now I am establishing myself within a network of organizations/soulmates/projects. Currently I am working with web archives and digital platforms. I love working with archives and large piles of contentimage, and I am very glad to find myself moving into the field of digital documentation/publishing. Amen.

    And what about your perfect webpage? How is the process going?

    It is quite slow, to be honest. But I am not in a hurry — this webpage will be my home during next two years, while I will be obtaining my MA in Designimage from Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The main reason why I am not updating my old webpage, but re-building it from scratch instead, is that I need a site which has front and back ends. I’m taking my time to build this structure. I am currently learning PHP for this particular purpose (as I use wordpress for the back-end) and will be glad to hear any tips for noobz.image I see my future webpage as an online store, where users can find something which fits them, their needs and their idea of beauty. This is not a gallery. I am not exhibiting, I am offering a service.

    What are your plans for the foreseeable future?

    1. Build a super-amazing webpage (by September 2017)
    2. Get more awesome jobs (from now on until I drop)
    3. Work on my own wiki-based digital publishing platform (July/August 2017 — February 2018)
    4. Develop my BA thesis into a web publication to be hosted on oneacre.online (Updates will follow)
    5. Start my MA in September 2017 OMG SO EXCITEDimage
    6. ....new amazing offer just landed in my inbox, I am jumping in my large office chair....!!!

    What are your dream assignments and obsessions?

    1. My dream clients would be companies/organizations/communities, who wish to have more consistent web presence and to present their archives/research in an interesting way (not necessarily online)
    2. I would love to team up with a copywriter to create badass campaigns and bomb corporate newsletters.image Yes I love the word "corporate" (it’s the third time I am writing it here. C-o-r-p-o-r-a-t-e. Fourth appearance.)
    3. Digital storytelling & fiction
    4. As a DIY electronics enthusiast I would be delighted to work on projects which deal with hardwareimage, the crazier the better.
    5. I am obsessed with scripts & templates
    6. Also: life-logging, performance logs, data-driven lifestyle (& any raw shit involiving bodily experiences in a digital age)
    7. Also: Chatbots!
    8. I want to make a music video. Everyone wants to make a music video,image right?

    Ok I see, you are a huge nerd. Do you find regular assignments boring?

    First of all, I am not huge. I am 158cm tall. And, second: NO. I wish I had more of these. Do you need a flyer? Do you have 3000 pictures which need to have transparent background? Do you need someone to edit a footage of your 3 hour performance into a 1 minute trailer? Do you want invitations for your cat’s birthday party? I’d be glad to work on it. If its paid. At this point of my career I don’t see any possibilities to do charity work, sorry.

    Wow that’s a rant. Do you even have life?

    In fact I do!

    Like what?

    I have non-work-related hobbies: I cook, I grow a herb garden on my windowimage, I do martial arts (Aikido. Beginner. No, I won’t kick you). Wait, why are you asking? Do you want to ask me out? I also go out sometimes. Is going out a hobby?


    It was a pleasure meeting you, but unfortunately I have to go now — my productivity log will not complete itself. Would you like to be notified via email when my new meta-super-bomb webpage goes online? You can sign-up here